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Technical Training is not learning a certain routine

Training is to excite, to experience, to understand, to build up the knowledge from the inside

What we believe

Trainees will learn more from a training course if they learn and experience the principles, are allowed to make mistakes and are able to experiment with guidance of an experienced specialist/instructor


The training passion that our instructors have stimulates students to be eager. The certificate is not the goal of the training. The goal is train the student to be able to perform individual fabrication and repair of composite parts. Therefor learning to understand the principles of composites, experience working with composites and learning the do’s and don’ts are important aspects for trainees to become specialists.

Is training expensive?

Some people say that training is expensive. Others say, If you think training is expensive, try an incident that could have been prevented by proper training. 

Composites training starts with the awareness of handling and dealing with composite materials. 

During manufacturing or repair of composite parts, it is important that the composite worker knows what the influence of the conditions is on the end result. Temperature, humidity, dust can have a significant impact on the quality of the product, depending on the manufacturing or repair stage. This cannot be tested or measured afterwards. Also the knowledge of when to use what kind of gloves and other protection means is important in the process.


Also during handling, composites behave different than metals. At a metal surface, a dent are visible indicating a damaged area. A composite area can be severely damaged without clear visual signs on the outside. This makes awareness of all personnel critical and reporting incidents crucial.   

In the Military they say


Also for other professions it is very important to simulate the real situation during training as much as possible

Meet the ACRATS Team

Edwin Smarius

Operation Manager

Co-Founder of ACRATS

Edwin has over 13 years of experience in aeronautical engineering, logistics and maintenance management

Rick van Opdorp

Training Manager

Co-Founder of ACRATS

Rick has over 12 years experience in hands-on composite repair and as a composite repair trainer at the Royal Netherlands Air Force.